​​​​"BHO vs. CO2 vs. Ethanol vs Pressure: a CAGE MATCH! Learn the benefits of each extraction processing method."

The Extraction Cage Match event, held on 10/22 in Anaheim, CA, was a MASSIVE SUCCESS! ​​​​​​Register here to watch the full debate, and learn!
Extraction debate video
Our SOLD OUT event in Anaheim is available for viewing! Learn the benefits of 4 primary extraction methods - comparing CO2, BHO, Ethanol, and Rosin/Pressure.
Panel Speakers at the event were all market-leading and award-winning brands "representing" a different extraction method: Papa & Barkley, for Rosin/Pressure; Olala Brands, for CO2; Speakeasy710, for BHO; and Proof Extracts for Ethanol!
Learn what's important with each type of extraction process.
Learn about market trends
Learn what extraction method is best for you!
Candid talk, serious lessons, and lively debate: there's passion in products and processes!
If you're starting out in the extraction business, or a seasoned hand, you are going to LOVE the discussion and debate!
Learn about market trends
What's changed in consumer demand? Where's the market going, and why?
Learn about processing safely
Do I need to be a scientist (or hire some) to run this machinery? 
Learn how to scale beyond belief
Yields, cost, and scalability are important. Which method's best?